BuzzTV XPL 3000 IPTV Box Review


The market is awash with IPTV boxes, however the BuzzTV XPL 3000 IPTV Box could be worthy of closer inspection. The two main players in this market are Dreamlink, with its’ flagship T2 box, and Infomir, with its’ MAG products. Nonetheless, there’s no harm in a bit of competition, and BuzzTV can definitely give these two brands a run for their money, with its’ innovative XPL 3000. Keep reading this BuzzTV XPL 3000 IPTV Box review, to find out how this product stacks up against other IPTV boxes, and whether it represents a value for money purchase.

Introducing the Product

XPL 3000 is an Android 6.0 quad core IPTV/TV box receiver, which can turn a normal television into a hyper intelligent television. It can be used with all IPTV services to broadcast footage through Stalker Middleware. It allows you to watch news, television shows, educational programs and sports events, etc in High Definition. This IPTV box is powerful enough to give you the freedom and flexibility to view the content of your choosing. Furthermore, it costs considerably less to use in comparison to cable TV, and you will be able to access many well known Android applications, such as Kodi, to sweeten the deal.

Features of the Product

The XPL-3000 from BuzzTV has a wifi antenna that is external, in contrast to prior models from the manufacturer. This feature boosts the signal considerably. Other notable updates are the Android 6.0 operating system, a new processor, HDR technology, enhanced PVR, ATSC digital television tuner support, and HDMI 2.0. The digital television tuner is particularly helpful, because it means that you can watch local television programs, as well as your streaming footage.

The product delivers a quick and responsive experience for users, thanks to its’ sleek and clean appearance and its’ two gigabytes of DDR three RAM. The internal memory has eight gigabytes of space for downloading content from Buzz UI and the Google Play Store. Better still, the box enables you to stream the most recent films and television shows directly to your living room.

Advantages and Competitor Comparisons

-The GUI Simplifies Operations – BuzzTV makes accessing your favorite television content easy, with its’ super quick channel zapping and straightforward platform. Moreover, they support features that many customers appreciate, like Catch Up TV among others.

-Rapid Channel Navigation and Ultra HD Picture — The XPL-3000 offers top quality specs, in comparison to other brands of IPTV boxes. It is regarded as the quickest device for changing channels, and the device that delivers the best 4K ultra high definition pictures.

-User Friendly Remote — The remote that comes with this product is highly intuitive. Every button is carefully spaced, so it is easy to push. Also, you can quickly see what the buttons do, because — unlike many similar products on the market – the manufacturer has not included any superfluous buttons. In addition, the remote was recently updated, so that you can access the personal video recorder from the menu.

Disadvantages of the Product

There are not any big problems with the XPL 3000, however there are just one or two minor areas for improvement. For example, the category for ‘favorites’ is limited to one, and a Gigabit Ethernet port is not included. Although 100 Mbit is ample bandwidth for streaming video footage, the far quicker Gigabit Ethernet is used as standard on lots of other TV boxes available.

What People are Saying

The XPL 3000 has been warmly welcomed by its’ customers, who have praised the product for a number of reasons. The speed and picture quality are reportedly superior to anything else on the market. Also, the box is lightweight, and can be installed quickly and easily by most people. The majority of reviews on Amazon are positive five star ratings.

Final Thoughts

At just over $100, the XPL 3000 IPTV Box is competitively priced, in light of all its’ excellent features. This device is a much better alternative to a costly IPTV box, and it is easy to store at home. The product updates itself automatically, and the performance is outstanding. Therefore, it is highly recommended, if you want to enhance your television viewing without breaking the bank.


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